Plastic Leads

TLS have been working with soft skin (un-armoured) cables for over 20 years, producing 100% quality tested leads for the building industry.

The prime benefit of our Plastic Plug N Play system is that it can be connected on site using our selective packaging system and our personal LCM service.

We offer the highest grade components, along with High Grade, Low-Smoke Cable. All the products we use work together in perfect harmony and facilitate a cost saving electrical installation, from beginning to completion.

How it works

A standard installation comprises 5 main features.

  1. Home run
  2. A Master Distribution Box
  3. An Extender Cable (feed lead)
  4. Lighting or Power T (drop lead)
  5. Switch Modules.

All units are built with high grade flexible cables to the exact length required.

Further benefits to TLS Plastic System:

  • All Factory Assembled at our UK base
  • Reduced requirement for Skilled Labour On-Site
  • Increases Site Safety
  • Reduction in Snagging
  • Reduction in Waste
  • Certified Quality Assured
  • Reduction in Installation Times
  • Recyclable

Our Plastic Plug N Play system is not only adaptable and but also offers the flexibility to modify it as and when required. Its quick and easy installation method also offers significant on-site cost savings.

Special Distribution LED Control Box

The SDB is designed for use with low voltage LEDs and comes pre-wired and pre-configured for all switching types. A prime feature of the product is the rapid installation time.

The Special Distribution LED Control Box is ideal for use in apartment buildings. In one recent project, the Control Box was configured to serve seven switched and un-switched 230v outputs and nine low voltage LED outputs, all colour coded, so that the box can only be plugged one way.

The rapid installation time of the Special Distribution Control Box gives increased lighting for very much lower power consumption. The box can reduce power consumption by at least 30%, and often much more, depending on the configuration of the LEDs.

Special Distribution Control Boxes In Use

The Special Distribution Boxes were used in the Three Quays serviced apartment development close to Liverpool Street station in Central London. The 1 bedroom apartments have 2 units: 1 for the bedroom & bathroom, one for the kitchen & lounge. In a 3 bedroom apartment, 5 units are used.

This very sophisticated distribution control box replaces standard wiring, with the box centralising the wiring and the drivers in one location.

For more information on how Special Distribution LED Control Boxes can help you in your building project, please call us on 01279 639777.

See also the Connectors page.

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